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What is PRPP? 



In the staff room, particularly between Luke and Skye, it’s all been about this thing called PRPP. Luke attended a week-long training course on how to use a therapy approach called PRPP to assess for strengths and difficulties contributing to OCCUPATIONAL PERFORMANCE. PRPP is an acronym standing for Perceive, Recall, Plan and Perform. The tool provides standardised data on how well someone completes the steps or tasks required in daily activities. The assessment can be used across all ages, personality types, diagnoses, genders and cultures making it highly valuable.  

PRPP is used to see WHAT someone does within an activity, social interaction or emotional regulation moment and HOW they use cognitive strategies to adaptively respond to whatever the demands of the task or context are. This is basically a fancy way of saying which of the main parts of something can the person do and how can they plan or problem-solve to be able to perform to the best of their ability every time they do it.  

Examples of daily living tasks are varied and include: 

  • Teeth brushing 
  • Getting in the car 
  • Entering a group 
  • Cooking a meal 
  • Living with housemates 
  • Staying with a group/class 
  • Doing homework 
  • Doing classwork 
  • Walking the family pet. 
  • + any other activities that ‘occupies’ your time 

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