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Functional Focus Therapy is a service for those who want to feel confident in their children’s therapeutic journey. An allied health provider that listens to, supports and empowers YOU.

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Empowering individuals to achieve meaningful goals through personalised therapy.

Functional Focus Therapy considers the many parts of an individual’s life that make them whole. We understand that each individual and family is different and that difference should be celebrated.

It is our job to work alongside you and your specific needs to figure out ways that support development and independence through focusing on an individual’s strength areas and learning styles.

Celebrating Diversity; Empowering Connections    ★    Celebrating Diversity; Empowering Connections    ★    Celebrating Diversity; Empowering Connections    ★    

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Work with us!

Our values of listening to, supporting and empowering are not just focused on the children and families we work with, it’s what we aim for with EVERYONE involved in our service, including staff. Functional Focus Therapy is always open to speaking to like-minded professionals who want to continue developing themselves personally and professionally. If that sounds like you, get in touch.

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Discover our therapy services

For many people, accessing occupational therapy and/or speech therapy is the first time they have come into contact with such services. What does it all mean? How does it help? Where do I start? At Functional Focus Therapy we will work with you to tailor a therapeutic journey that suits you, your family and, most of all, your child’s needs.

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Assessments & Reports

A starting point of gathering information to help get a fuller picture of an individuals’ functional skills.

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Guided by assessment findings, ongoing intervention supports the development or adaptations of skills to increase an individual’s engagement and participation in their daily activities.

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Groups are the perfect way to work on functional skills for multiple people at the same time, while creating connection and social inclusion. Creating the right mix of personalities, skills, strengths and interest areas is what group therapy is all about.

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Education & Training

Small- or large-scale in-services that allow for the transfer of information to others in our community. Our service engages in community information presentations, consultation with local educational organisations or formal training for other professional services.

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Resources for families

Not sure what it all means? We can help with that. Access our free community information or view our range of formal services.

Our services

We offer a range of clinical and non-clinical services to support and empower our community. For a full list of what we do here at Functional Focus Therapy click the button below.

Community Questions

Unsure about something? Click the button below for answers to questions we often get asked. If you can’t find the answer here, email us today and we will endeavour to get to it in our blog.

The Staff Room Blog

Like everything we do here at FFT we use our blogs to listen to, support and empower. Our staff room blogs takes you into the minds and musings of our therapists. Like you, our skills and knowledge are always shifting and changing. What are we thinking about, what activities have we been using a lot, what have we been reading, are we feeling like imposters yet again? It’s all here in this blog.

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The latest in the Staff Room

Let's connect and keep learning from each other    ★    Let's connect and keep learning from each other    ★    Let's connect and keep learning from each other    ★    

Connection is what we do.

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