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Occupational Therapy Services in Lake Macquarie and Surrounding Areas

Speech Pathology Services in Lake Macquarie and Surrounding areas

Children, teens, and adults
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How we can help

Functional Focus Therapy considers the many parts of an individual's life that make them whole. Functional Focus Therapy understands that each individual and family is different and that difference should be celebrated. It is our job to work alongside you and your specific needs to figure out ways that support development and independence through focusing on an individual's strength areas and learning styles. Our practice specialises in supporting children or young adults with the following diagnoses or challenges:

- Autism spectrum disorders
- Sensory processing challenges
- Attention difficulties
- Emotional regulation concerns
- Gross motor and coordination challenges
- Fine motor difficulties
- Challenging behaviours
- Social and communication difficulties
- Relationship support

Any inquiries please Contact us or send us an email directly to admin@functionalfocustherapy.com.au


Functional Focus Therapy offers a wide range of assessment options to gather the most appropriate information for each client and their families. To see our full range of assessments please click below.


Functional Focus Therapy provides ongoing support for clients, and their families in frequencies, durations and contexts that best meet one’s individual needs. For a full list of our intervention services please click below.


Group intervention is a great way to support shared development of functional skills in a more dynamic and socially connected way. Functional Focus Therapy offers a range of groups to meet the demands of interested participants.

Speech Pathology

At Functional Focus Therapy, our Speech Pathologists work with individuals and their support team to make meaningful change while working to build people’s functional capacity. Services include:

What is Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy supports individuals to be able to do the things they want and/or need to do in their daily lives. We are whole-heartedly concerned with day-to-day function. Occupational Therapy considers the many influencing factors in a person’s life that might be creating supports, as well as barriers, to their everyday function. Example of such includes motor skills, social development, executive functions, communication and comprehension, environmental/contextual considerations, etc.

Who are we?

Functional focus therapy is a local occupational therapy and speech and language therapy service provider. We offer clinic and community-based therapy options, based off what is considered best for the client.

Where are we based

Our clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Belmont with easy and accessible parking options. Functional Focus Therapy also provides community-based services to clients’ homes, educational settings, training centers, places of employment or other meaningful contexts to an individual. We provide occupational therapy and speech therapy services to the following areas

  • 1. Lake Macquarie
  • 2. Northern Central Coast
  • 3. Newcastle

As a general rule, community visits within 30-minutes of travel time from the clinic are accessible. For visits requiring greater travel periods individualized plans will be made between the occupational therapist, the client and their care team. Occupational Therapist in Australia.

Are we for you

Functional Focus Therapy primarily works to support people in the community living with neurodevelopmental differences. Our occupational therapy arm works with children, teens and young adults experiencing a range of difficulties in their everyday lives. Our speech and language therapy arm currently work alongside teens and adults in the local community of occupational therapist in Australia. Speech therapy services for children will be considered but will need to be discussed individually with the client’s family.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of Medicare plans that are relevant to occupational therapy services. Talk to your GP about the different types of Medicare plans that may be available to you. Common Medicare plans that are used include EPC (aka CDMP), PDD-135 and Better Access to Mental Health (MHCP).

Yes. Depending on your level of cover and who your provider is, you will be able to claim a rebate on occupational therapy services. We do not have a HICAPPS facility on-site however you will be able to claim on your private health insurers website using details on your session invoice.

Yes. Functional Focus Therapy is able to provide services under the NDIS for clients who self-manage their funding or have a defined plan management agency. Functional Focus Therapy is not able to claim directly from the NDIA (i.e. NDIA managed). If you are currently NDIA managed but would like to access our service please call us to discuss how to change how your funds are managed.


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