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School-Readiness Holiday Intensive


We’re back into our second week of 2024 and we are all so pumped to be here. For the first time at FFT we have all therapists working alongside each other for 2 hours per day at our school-readiness holiday intensive. This is a group we’ve planned, designed and are now executing (YAY) to give children starting school this year additional practice at some of the components of school they may need support in. The beauty of groups like this is that it allows us a chance to simulate school situations and find any potential enablers or barriers to a child’s participation. This information can then be provided to schools and caregivers as a way of getting more of what helps happening and less of what seems to create challenges for a child/ren.  

One of the things we all noticed (and that I have long loved about groups in general) is what it can bring out for some kids, particularly those who maybe haven’t been seen therapeutically with other children. It is so true that kids can get kids to do much more than adults can from time to time. This is why we are so big on community and positive, lasting and successful connection here at FFT.  

The group is running all week, but we’re off to a really positive start. We have no doubt this will continue and the kids will all benefit from the experience as they move into their new schooling chapters. 

If you’re interested in specifics of the group, or just school-readiness in general remember you can always as any clinically related questions to us on our community questions blog “you want to know…what?” – just email us at [email protected] and we will give you our take on what it is you want to know.