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Recruitment and Team-Building Games 


It’s been such a big couple of weeks since we updated you all on our staff room musings. We have been so LUCKY and FORTUNATE to welcome Chloe and Tamara to our team. Chloe, who is studying speech pathology and finishing at the end of the year, is doing therapy assistant work with us. Tamara is an experienced occupational therapist who will be supporting children and teens of all ages in our local community AND WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER (writing that reminded me of a Wicked the Musical song for all of the stage play fans out there). Also just quickly – therapy assistants do a range of super meaningful jobs such as carrying out therapy plans that are created by therapists, creating specific resources and other office/admin tasks.  

Were also doing a couple of staff room games here to keep our brains ticking over. We’ve put a riddle up with the answer announced at the end of the month. If anyone is interested out there the riddle is “I am a 5-letter word and people eat me. Take away the first letter and I am a type of energy. Take away the first two letters and people need me to live. If you scramble the last 3 letters you can drink me. What am I?” Our other game is TOWERS; where you come up with a category and people have to ask you yes/no questions until they have enough information to try and guess what your category is. 

Thats what’s been going on in the staff room, nice to see you around again. Until next time! 

FFT Team!